Cement used in construction is characterized as hydraulic or non-hydraulic. Hydraulic cements harden because of hydration, chemical reactions that occur independently of the mixture's water content; they can harden even underwater or when constantly exposed to wet weather. The chemical reaction that results when the anhydrous cement powder is mixed with water produces hydrates that are not water-soluble. Non-hydraulic cements must be kept dry in order to retain their strength

Coromandal King Cement

Coromandel King, RBC are high strength cements to meet the needs of the consumer for high strength concrete. As per BIS requirements the minimum 28 days compressive strength of 53 Grade OPC should not be less than 53 Mpa. For certain specialised works such as prestressed concrete and certain items of precast concrete requiring consistently high strength concrete, the use of 53 Grade OPC is found very useful. 53 Grade OPC produces higher-Grade concrete at very economical cement content. In concrete mix design, for concrete M-20 and above Grades a saving of 8 to 10% of cement may be achieved with the use of above mentioned 53 Grade OPC.

Shree Ultra Cement

Shree Ultra Red Oxide cement, a new brand promoted by Udaipur-based Shree Cement Ltd, will dominate the product-mix of the company shortly.

“Although the company has the capability of producing both ordinary Portland cement and Portland Pozzolana cement, we have taken a strategic decision to concentrate on the production and marketing of our value-added Shree Ultra Red Oxide Cement — a new generation cement with rust-retardant properties”

Shree Cement, which reported Rs 6.70 crore net profit on a turnover of Rs 582.43 crore in 2002-03

Birla White Cement

Birla White Cement is the product of a unique decolorizing process, which prevents oxidation of iron in the clinker. And maximizes whiteness. Its astonishingly high refractive index and opacity impart a brilliant luster and smooth finish, even when mixed with pigments. Giving you cement that is pure, super white and mixes easily with inorganic pigments. No wonder Birla White cement is the no.1 choice. For the manufacture of decorative waterproof paints, Mosaic tiles and Terrazzo flooring. It is also widely used for innovative applications. Like smooth plaster, textured plaster, exposed aggregate plaster, ceilings, fungus, hollow blocks and architectural finishes. Birla White cement can either be used in its original form, or colored by adding inorganic pigments.

Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cements Limited was set up in the late 80s. The cement industry presented an opportunity of steady growth and ethical competition to the promoters.

However, a decade later, it became one of world’s most efficient cement companies producing the finest cement in the world at the lowest cost. While adhering to the most stringent international pollution-control norms.

More importantly, its plants are some of the most efficient in the world. With environment protection measures that are on par with the finest in the developed world.