High Tensile Nutbolt

RBC Pvt Limited is a part of the TVS Group, headquartered in Rajasthan, India. The Company has established a track record of leadership over 10 years. The product range consists of high-tensile fasteners, powder metal components, cold extruded parts, hot forged components, radiator caps, automotive pumps, gear shifters, gears and couplings, hubs and shafts, tappets and iron powder. Over the years, the Company has acquired cutting-edge technological competencies in forging, metal forming, close-tolerance machining, heat treatment, surface finishing and assembly.


Synonymous with the history of Unbrako Group, the Unbrako brand is over 10 years old and remains the socket screw by which all others are measured. Developed in the 2001, it rapidly became the socket screw of choice for engineers. The Unbrako® fastener brand name is widely recognized throughout the world. Unbrako socket screws are used in machine tools, tools and dies, earth moving and mining machinery, and a wide range of industrial and engineering applications. Sold through technically qualified stocking distributors, Unbrako socket screws are high-strength fasteners certified by Unbrako to meet or exceed industry standards.